Steps in writing a feature article

And stories are driven by tension. Ray was known for changing into three different suits throughout the day as he wandered downtown Flint, Mich. I suppose I was about four. And so instead of trying to resolve the tension, I let it hang: Think of food writing as a type of cooking: The cookbook sections in bookstores continue to expand, as well, accommodating new shelves of literary food writing, reference guides, and trends like vegan and gluten-free cooking.

They have to parse all those modifiers and try to imagine what the pear tastes like, deciding which adjective is most important. Introduce the four main characteristics of a feature article and post them in the classroom, so that they may be referred to throughout the unit.

The app on my iPhone and iPad link directly to my account too. Milk that drama as much as you can. Read it aloud and where it sounds unnatural, rewrite it. Scenes, however, can still drive the way the story unfolds. Screenplays are not the place for internal monologues.

This may seem elementary, but I have read many scripts that include unfilmable material. In fact, most great ads are based on interruption of an existing pattern.


Action verbs like crack, press, bounce and shatter go a long way toward painting a vivid picture. You want a concept which, when described, suggests the story to follow.

Want more on writing strong feature articles? They often tell the human side of a story, allowing the reader to understand events or phenomena through stories of individuals involved in the topic. And if you force it, your readers will know.

Testing allows you to spend small money now to make big money later. I thought his eccentricities were enough to write about—and really, they would have made a fine article.

Think of a bursting water pipe. It was the scene that had lead to their current legacy: Your headline must grab attention! These are the folks to whom you want to submit. Put those series ideas into your annual calendar, and as you move closer, narrow each series down to one and plan it out.

You might be tempted to use several to describe, say, the pork tenderloin with pears and shallots you proudly concocted at your stovetop last night. Check that spelling too! Everyone has a story.

The body provides vital information while it educates, entertains, and emotionally ties an audience to the subject.A news feature brings out the best in a reporter. It reflects the reporter’s writing skills and hard work. It is built around a news point and has plenty of information to hold reader attention.

Two Steps Behind

Comprehension strategies are sets of steps that good readers use to make sense of text. Comprehension strategy instruction helps students become purposeful, active readers who are in control of their own reading comprehension.

The Secret To Writing Stronger Feature Articles

The seven strategies here appear to have a firm scientific basis for improving text comprehension. Writing feature articles for magazines (and newspapers) is a great way for emerging writers and authors to build up their portfolio of work. However, there are many different elements to magazine writing and publishing that the feature writer needs to consider.

Our 7 steps is a proven process for researching, writing, and submitting feature articles that meet editors' needs and further your writing career. Features are not meant to deliver the news firsthand. They do contain elements of news, but their main function is to humanize, to add colour, to educate, to entertain, to illuminate.

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Steps in writing a feature article
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