Accounting ratios are mere guides and complete reliance on them in decision making is suicidal eluci

Second, those providing these services to members of diverse cultures are unlikely to have received adequate and in-depth training in the theory and practice of cultural psychology. A number o f factors provided the impetus for psychiatry to shift its frontiers to university departments in medical schools.

Clinical psychologists from various cultural groups who specialize in serving diverse cultural groups have not been large enough in numbers to adequately meet the needs of their respective cultural communities.

All the information reviewed on cultural pluralism in psychology in general and on students and faculty in psychology programs in particular are based on data from the United States.

Albee 1 and Sue 1 pointed to the focus of psychologists on the treatment of people with the YARVIS syndrome, that is, young, attractive, rich, verbal, intelligent, and successful Schofield, 1to the neglect of people with HOUND that is, the homely, old, unattractive, nonverbal, and dumb Goldstein and Simonson, J 97 1.

African American doctoral students constituted 0. It also implied training exposure to related disciplines, including influence of culture on personality i. The five most frequently presenting problems of clients were anxiety and depression In addition, most North Americans can trace their origins back to an immigrant who was poor or persecuted and foreign to the prevailing North American culture.

Canadian psychologists benefited from the success of their counterparts in the United States in that the American experience helped expand the role of Canadian psychologists from the laboratory to schools and clinics. Cultural Pluralism in North America Examining cultural pluralism in psychology requires examining cultural pluralism in the general popUlation.

For example, psychiatry had its beginnings in clinical institutions i. The academic world and the private-practice office may have insulated clinical psychologists from the realities of the outside world, thus rendering them oblivious to the social changes within their communities and the needs associated with these demographic and clinical transformations.

United States government support for the training of clinicians to care for large numbers of World War 1 1 veterans had the effect of accelerating the growth of clinical psychology in the United States Shakow, 1 It should be pointed out that cultural sensitivity is a necessary but not sufficient condition for culturally appropriate service delivery.

It is of interest to note that biographical information about citizenship, race, and ethnic identification became part of the manpower data system for psychology in the United States in 1 Willette, 1 In 1a random survey of the contents of clinieal psychology books in the clinical and psychopathology sections of our university library, which accommodates a total of over one million references, revealed that inclusion of the topic of culture was the exception rather than the rule.

These factors included the disparagement of moral treatment due to inflated claims for its effectiveness, the importance of differentiating psychiatry from religion, and advances in 1 9th-century medicine Reisman, 1 99 1.

E VA N S Since the founding of scientific psychology by Wilhelm Wundt at Leipzig in 1the contributions of the discipline to culture have been commendable. Witmer founded the first child guidance clinic in the world in 1 The mean percentages of client services i.

Cultural Diversity in the Clinical Population The lack of the central role of culture has also been observed in the practice of clinical psychology. In spite of this recognition, very little is known of clients who need the services of clinical psychologists and are not receiving them.BRAIDOTTI Et Al.

Revisting Normativity With Deleuze.

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Cultural Clinical Psychology: Theory, Research, and Practice

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Accounting ratios are mere guides and complete reliance on them in decision making is suicidal eluci
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